Style Sheet

This document lists the appropriate spelling of words and phrases to be used within this repo’s code and documentation for consistency purposes.

  • black box (noun) or black-box (adj); not blackbox (avoid)

  • D-RISE not DRISE

  • end user (noun) not end-user (preferably just “user”)

  • Headings – use Title Capitalization and follow with an intro sentence

  • heatmap (noun/adj), not heat-map or heat map

  • limited use of “please”

  • open source (no hyphen)

  • PyTorch vs Pytorch

  • set up (verb) or setup (noun/adj); not set-up

  • TOC should be included for each Jupyter notebook

  • use case (noun) not use-case

  • visualizing not visualising

  • white box (noun) or white-box (adj); not whitebox (avoid)

  • xaitk-saliency (all lowercase)