This initial alpha release introduces the xaitk-saliency toolkit for computing visual saliency heat-maps for input imagery over based on black-box operations.

Updates / New Features


  • Added properties file for SonarQube scans.

  • Add CodeCov integration.


  • Updated the “Occlusion Saliency” notebook to flow smoother and include un-commentable RISE perturbation algorithm option. The narrative has been more explicitly tuned to follow an “application” narrative.

  • Add miscellaneous documentation on how to run a local SonarQube scan and experimental documentation on setting up scanning as a CI workflow job.


  • Add new interfaces in accordance to the v0.2 API draft.

    • Added to doc-strings to expand on detail around saliency heatmap return value range and meaning.

    • Updated image perturbation interface to function in a streaming iterator fashion instead of in-bulk as a means of performance optimization as well as to allow it to function on larger image sizes and larger perturbation quantities at the same time.

  • Removed old interface classes “ImageSaliencyMapGenerator”, “SaliencyBlackbox” and “ImageSaliencyAugmenter”.


  • Add new occlusion based classifier scoring in accordance to the v0.2 API draft for ImageClassifierSaliencyMapGenerator.

  • Add new RISE based perturbation algorithm in accordance to the v0.2 API draft for PerturbImage

  • Add new similarity based scoring algorithm in accordance to the v0.2 API draft for ImageSimilaritySaliencyMapGenerator

  • Remove old “stub” implementations in transitioning to the new API draft

    • Removed “LogitImageSaliencyAugmenter” implementation class.

    • Removed “LogitImageSaliencyMapGenerator” implementation class.

    • Removed old RISE implementation classes.

    • Removed old SBSM implementation classes.


  • Update Read the Docs documentation link in README

  • Address various “code smells” as reported by SonarQube/SonarCloud.