This minor release provides updates to example notebooks, interface naming updating for consistency, as well as added a “high level” interface for visual saliency map generation from black-box classifiers.

Updates / New Features


  • Add “SuperPixelSaliency” notebook to demonstrate use of arbitrary perturbation masks based on superpixels for saliency map generation.

  • Add “VIAME_OcclusionSaliency” notebook demonstrating integration with VIAME toolkit based on saliency map generation for a fish classification task.

  • Add “covid_classification” notebook demonstrating integration with MONAI based on saliency map generation for a COVID-19 X-ray classification task.

  • Updated notebook demonstration for SimilarityScoring usage to better track the notebook structures across the repo.

  • Introduce class naming philosophy in the CONTRIBUTING.md file.

  • Updated notebooks to make use of GenerateImageClassifierBlackboxSaliency interface/implementations where appropriate.

  • Updated wording of the SuperPixelSaliency.ipynb notebook as to cover a use-case where the GenerateImageClassifierBlackboxSaliency interface API is not appropriate, i.e. already have masks computed.

  • Added support for doc building on Windows by adding a platform check so that “make.bat” is called for and not “make html”.


  • Update PerturbImage to only output perturbation masks, dropping physical image perturbation output. Since this output generation was the same across all known implementations, that part has been split out into a utility function.

  • Added support for positive and negative saliency values as output by the saliency map generation interfaces.

  • Updated PerturbImage interface to take in numpy.ndarray as the image data structure.

  • Added new, higher-level GenerateImageClassifierBlackboxSaliency interface for transforming an image and black-box classifier into visual saliency maps.

  • Renamed ImageClassifierSaliencyMapGenerator interface to be GenerateClassifierConfidenceSaliency.

  • Renamed ImageSimilaritySaliencyMapGenerator interface to be GenerateDescriptorSimilaritySaliency.

  • Renamed ImageDetectionSaliencyMapGenerator interface to be GenerateDetectorProposalSaliency.


  • Add RISEScoring implementation, with the ability to also compute a de-biased form of RISE with an optional input parameter.

  • Add RISEStack implementation of the GenerateImageClassifierBlackboxSaliency interface as a simple way to invoke the combination of RISE component algorithms.

  • Add SlidingWindowStack implementation of the GenerateImageClassifierBlackboxSaliency interface as a simple way to invoke the combination of the Sliding Window perturbation method and the occlusion-based based scoring method.


  • Update locked dependency versions to latest defined by abstract requirements.


  • Masking

    • Added utility functions for occluded image generation that was previously duplicated across PerturbImage implementations. Added both batch and streaming versions of this utility.



  • Fixed misspelled “miscellaneous” file.


  • Fix saliency map normalization in both OcclusionScoring as well as SimilarityScoring to disallow cross-class pollution in the norm.


  • Fixed up module naming inconsistencies.